Sunday, July 31, 2011

Part 3: Blast from the past... Egyptian Adventure with AC....

Well on this day we left Cairo for Abu Simbel. Jeep and suitcases were packed and ready for our 7am flight. Original plan was to leave my place at 4am to drop off the Jeep at the dealer so it could be flatbeded to Sinai to meet us later, but at the last minute I decided I would have them pick it up at my house... We did not want to wake up so early and they wanted to rip me off on an oil change... Wanted more $ then what I would have paid for an oil change on my M3 (Very expensive oil and BMW service $/hr)...

So we arrived at the airport in Abu Simbel and had a little hang up, our driver never showed up. Turns out he was too tired so he never came. I ended up hiring a private driver out side the airport; the travel agency later tried to play off that this driver was the original driver... Yea sure..

Abu Simbel is on the southern end of Egypt, just 80km away from the border of Sudan.

We got to our lodging, The Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge around noon and the next event we had planned was to go see the Abu Simbel Light and Sound show at night.

So in the mean time we decided to go on a boat tour of Lake Nasser. I did not have my camera so again ill borrow some of Angelina's pics ;)

Lake Nasser is the largest man made lake in the world and was formed when the Nile River was dammed at Aswan. When the river was dammed many temples in the area were flooded, just a few like Abu Simbel were saved.

In the evening we went to the Abu Simbel Light and Sound Show, which by the way is the best one of them all! We convinced the captain to drop us off at Abu Simbel instead of going to the hotel and then going by car to Abu Simbel.... Only down side was no camera... Oh well, good reason to go back!

The next day we visited Abu Simbel in the morning before making the 3hr drive to Aswan....

Once we arrived in Aswan we visited the site of the Unfinished Obelisk. Its basically the largest obelisk but they ran into a problem... It cracked while they were still carving it out in the quarry.

After we visited the Aswan High Dam.

In the afternoon we visited the island temple of Philae which is one of the temples saved by UNESCO when the Aswan dams were built. One of my favorites!

One of the few trash cans in all of Egypt!

 Angelina said we had to be creative with our pictures... So.... jajaj :)

We went back to the mainland and went to one of the perfume museums (AKA: stores)....

Stay tuned for picture of the Light and Sound Show from the temple of Philae!!

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Ms. Chimenti said...

I'm loving the creative pics ;-)

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