Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Part 6: 100% private show at the Temple of Karnak... Oh and the guy with the machine gun!

This ended up being a very cool night... After the felluca ride and getting dinner at the cruise ship we got in our "limousine" and headed toward the Karnak temple Complex to watch that evenings last Light and Sound Show.

But we ran into a little problem... But first about this Light and Sound show in particular. To my knowledge there are three L&SS in Egypt, the Pyramids/Sphynx, Abu Simbel and Karnak and out of all of them Karnak is the best because its interactive. At the other two you just sit and "listen" to the show/story and see the lights/lasers/projections. But at Karnak you walk though the whole temple and then just sit like the last 20 min of the 45min show. Walking though the temple at night and seeing all the lights is very cool...

So back to the problem.... We were at the last of 3 shows that evening and due to the very low # of tourist in Egypt we ended up being the only people there to see the show.... Major bummer since it was the best of all the L&SS and I knew Angelina would really like it (very cool and a awesome photo op) and I knew she was prob never going to see it if it was not that night or at least any time soon.... It was out last night in Luxor.

 For those of you who know me... Know IDTS and I make it happen...lol. So I asked what the minimum number of people needed to do the show... and bought out the show. Lets just say it was double digits.

Ill let you decide from the pics if it was worth it or not... It ended up being Angelina, the guy who ran the show, myself and a guy or two with machine guns.....

Here is a satellite picture and 3D rendering of the temple so you get an idea... Click for a better view.

Next blog entry will be pictures of Karnak during the day and the rest of the Upper Egypt portion of the trip!

Here are the links to the other "Parts" of the trip so far.

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Anonymous said...

This is the nicest thing I have ever heard. Doubt, if my dearest one would have done this for me!
Great idea, Andres!!!

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