Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tata Pacho in Egypt!!!!

Tata Pacho is my grandfathers name... Or at least what we call him! jajajaj

Like I mentioned in the entry below about Italy he came over for about a week in Egypt before we left to Italy. Here are some pics of the time I spent with him.

Before they left to explore Upper Egypt on a Nile River cruise we went to explore The Sakkara region outside of Cairo. Of course I made sure we got to do some extra things. I drove the Jeep off the standard tourist route toward two other smaller pyramids off in the distance and found the below temple that was closed to the public. The Egyptologist who was charges with protecting the site gave us a nice private tour...

Star ceiling of the temple.

Horizontal roof column

Here they guy told us he would take up into the locked very off limits burial chamber of the Pyramid. He got the keys from the security guard and was going to take us in but the lock froze and would not open with the key turned or with the help of a rock.... damn!

Here we are climbing over the wall of a temple that was locked...

I cant for the life of me remember who was buried in these sarcophagus but the inter coffins are on display at the Cairo Museum... 

We had to scoot down this pasage way that was at a steep angle to get down and up!

Stepped pyramid of Sakkara!

Here is the passageway down into Snofru's Red Pyramid. It was 65 meters down.


The Stepped Pyramid of Djoser.... Dont ask how I got the Jeep there ;)

This was about a week after when we went to see the Pyramids of Giza

After this week headed into the desert toward the Fayum Oasis but I did not take out my camera so here is one with my mothers!

Had a great time and my grandfather even more!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Italian Vacation over Eid 2011

For Eid (a Muslim holiday) my 86 year old grandfather flew from Bogota Colombia and then with my mother to Egypt. In Egypt they spent a bit over a week and did the typical Pyramids, Museum and Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. After that we all jumped on a plane to Rome!

The Plaza Venezia and the Italian Capitol

Inside the Chruch of Gesu which is the main Jesuit church in all the world.
The painting on the ceiling was absolutely incredible!!! Definitely worth clicking for the larger size picture!

The Pantheon... Need I say more?

Piazza Navona... Where we had the most delicious pizza I have ever eaten!

This picture has has not had its colors altered in any way by me. Effect is due to the white balance.  

Note sure where... :-/

Trevi Fountain. Here is some info you may not know. Rome is the ONLY city in the world that uses non recirculating drinking water to feed its fountains!

The Colosseum! Magnificent!

Model of the Vatican.

Rooms inside the Vatican museum.

St Peters Basilica! Huge!!!!

La cupula!

And that was it. From Rome we rented a car and drove to Sant'agata Bolognese! The home town of Lamborghini. Where 3 months before I had emailed them and successively reserved a factory tour!

Unfortunately pictures inside the factory were not allowed. So here are the pics of their museum.

All of the Lamborghini cars are named after famous Spanish bulls.

Gallardo concept.


Estoque! 4 door...

If there was one place in the wolrd I would become a police officer it would be Italy. They have Lambo, Land Rover, Alfa  Romeo!

Lambo SUV... Would love to have this baby in Egypt. Maybe N.K. will lend me his...?

This is Lamborghinis newest car. The Aventador. TO be honest I have never been a really big fan, but this car is stunning!
You should see it in orange! Oh wait... Here it is!

From here we drove to Maranello to see the Ferrari Museum... 

Watch out for the turbo kick on this baby!

 After Maranello our plan was to visit Cinque Terre but due to the torrential rain in northern Italy 2 of the 5 towns on the cost were in disaster sate due to mud slides. We ended up visiting a few other picture perfect town!

Portovenere... Beautiful town that does not serve lunch after 3pm...lol

Rapallo by night.

Portofino.... Most expensive port in the world.


 From Camogli we drove to Milano where we visited the Cathedral de Milano. Next morning we separated and got on different planes, to Cairo and Miami.
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