Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Novena/Welcome home get together!

Holiday vacation in the Western Hemispheare.... Glad to be around family and friends! So far having a great time, spent a few days in Miami before leaving to Las Vegas where we will spend 3 days before heading off on a winter tour of the National Parks... More on that to come later.

Once of the night in Miami my mother put together a Novena which is a celebration or way of giving grace the 9 days before Jesus was born.... Some sung prayers and songs with hand instruments... Of course a great time for family and friends to come together! Downside is its so hard to get everyone together during the holidays.....

Calm before the storm!

Pesebre de el ninio Dios or "nativity scene" per google. 

Getting together to celebrate and offer grace.

The guy in the black shirt holding the accordion is Juan David, one of my best friends and a very talented artist. He helped my mother surprise me by bringing the Vallenato band!

We had Ajiaco which is a typical Colombian soup that is by far the best soup in the world!!!

Per Wiki: Ajiaco is a Colombian potato soup, and is eaten in Colombia. The soup is typically served with table cream, capers and avocado all mixed in just before eating in the proportions each individual prefers. Ajiaco is so heavy that it is usually considered a full meal. In the highly regional Colombian cuisine, this is most representative dish of Colombia, especially areas like Santa Fe de Bogota."

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