Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Have always loved sailing.... Being out on the water and harnessing mother natures energy... No motor noise! Same goes for two of my other favorite sports, kiteboarding and sky diving!

Friend invited me out on his new 57 foot Sailing Yacht... Absolutely beautiful! Wind was relatively calm but we still had a great time sailing Biscayne National Park!

Sailing is just the type of activity I love... Takes a lot of practice, knowledge, planning and technique... To set all the lines, sails and have everything just right so when you jibe or tack all the lines and sails are in the right place and you hit the wind running.... The stress I love!

Father use to race Lighting class sail boats in Colombia and a long time ago a friend lent me for the summer their Sunfish sail boat. Its a 14ft 1-2 person sailboat that is a hell of a lot of fun... Realtivly fast and very exiting when the wind is blowing!

In 2009 my brother and I went down to Australia and New Zealand and we had the opportunity to go out on the 2005 New Zealand Americas Cup race yacht; code named NZ40! Its a 100% 80foot race yacht! Was a blast.... At one point we had a sudden increase in wind and next thing we knew we were at full tilt/roll/list to the point the edge of the deck was in the water... Was great... Got up to like 20kt which is pretty damn fast!

Here I am at the helm!

Here is NZ40. Look how small the people look on the yacht.

Anyways, brought the camera and took a couple of pics that I think came out well. (Click to view them larger)


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