Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stranded in Paris!!!

Well, as some of you may know on January 27th I left the US and started chapter one as an expatriate. The original plan was to move to Cairo, Egypt. I left the US though Washington knowing there was some political unrest in Egypt. When I landed in Paris on the 28th I turned on my phone and was surprised to see I had a bunch of missed calls and voice mails from everyone ranging from my parents to Corporate Global Security. "Andres, what ever you do, DO NOT GET ON THE PLANE TO CAIRO!!!"

As a result I was stranded in Paris for 6 days until things got sorted and the other expats in Cairo were evacuated to Germany. I would eventually spend one full month in the EU before finally moving to my new temporary home, Cairo!

Below are the pictures of the 6 days!

Plalais du Louvre

Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

Louvre Gallery

Palais Versailles

La Defense



Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for posting about your blog on Flyertalk - otherwise I might never have found it. I look forward to following more of your travels.

AEGS said...

Glad you enjoyed them!

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