Sunday, February 26, 2012

Antelope Canyon Foto Safari!

One of the highlights of the trip I took back to the Western Hemisphere for the 2011-2012 holidays was our Foto Safari of Upper Antelope Canyon. This very unique and picturesque slot canyon is located in Page, Arizona and right on the border with Utah. Here is a link to the locatioin on Google Maps. Its aprox 5hr away from Las Vegas, Nevada (We started in Las Vegas and did a 10day road trip of some of the National Parks). The canyon has formed over thousands of years by the erosion of the soft sandstone rock during the rainy season.

Here is an example of a photo I am sure you have at some point seen. This pictures are taken during the summer when the sun is directly overhead and the sunlight pierces into the canyon. The fine sand from the canyon floor is thrown into the air and the sand reflects the sunlight.

We visited in the winter so the sun was low in the sky, nonetheless the place is spectacular.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you do, don't be shy and leave a comment at the bottom. You don't have to register or anything, but do leave your name. ;)

Back side entrance to the Canyon.

The Father....


The Mother...

The parents...

No idea who....

Here is a video my mother took inside the canyon.... 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Check-in/OK message from AEGS-1 SPOT Messenger

Here are some pics from the weekend camping trip with the Jeep Club of Egypt.We stayed a night at the Baharia Oasis, then camped out in the desert and exited though the White desert!

Here is a GPS track of the trip... Does not show the whole way back to Cairo, but you get the point. Aprox 900km/560miles

Picture at the lodge we stayed at the night before heading into the desert.

All iPhone4 pics....

Here is the difference a week makes...

GPS location Date/Time:02/17/2012 20:54:20 EET
Message:Hello family and friends. This message is to let you know everything is OK and going as planned... -AEGS
Click the link below to see where I am located.
If the above link does not work, try this link:,28.41045&ll=27.34746,28.41045&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1
You have received this message because AEGS-1 has added you to their SPOT contact list.
Every day is an Adventure. Share Yours.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chill day of snowboarding @ Jakobshorn in Davos!

Check check it out... 2nd video of a pretty chill day of riding in Davos!

Be sure to check out the other videos and pics!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gangsters party in Davos.....Switzerland snowboarding vacation!

So the story is I got back to Egypt from vacation in the US.... It was a bit of a shock... Some things had changed in my private life and some things had changed in the office... So whats the best thing to do... One of the things I like to do the most... Travel!

The weekend Jan 27-29th was two things. 1. The anniversary of me leaving the USA to work in Egypt. 2. The anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. Because of #2 I ended up living in "Europe" for 1 month.

Anyways, because of the Egyptian Revolution Anniversary I had also been advised that it would be prudent to get out of the country, not necessarily from a personal safety standpoint but.... Regardless if shit hits the fan it would be better to see it on TV from the EU then on TV in my apt knowing I cant go outside and everything is shut down, or even worse....

So where to travel to? 1st idea was London.... So question was who lives in London, there were a few options but I decided London was best left to a time it was a bit warmer and greener... Like around the Olympics (Shhhh... That plan is still in the works)!!! But while figuring out who lived in London a friend mentioned she loved London and that if it was not for that she was working in a ski resort town, she would hop on a plane and meet me.... Wait a minute... Ski Resort Town!!!! BANG!!!! 

Svenja and I at the Temple of Karnak during the Easter trip I did in Upper Egypt with my parents.... We just "happen" to end up walking together around the Scarab in sync. She is Working at a family friends private chateau in Davos, Switzerland before she starts her MBA in March.

I just went online, saw that they had some good mountains and thats all I needed to know... I later found out from a German coworker that Davos is one of the most posh places to ski in Europe.... Get this, a room per night at the Chateau Svenja is working at goes for up to $8,333USD, at least that's what millionaire Russians pay!

So plan was set to go visit Svenja the weekend of the 27th. But it turns out that The World Economic Forum is held that weekend in Davos... Hence the protest picture above. So we postponed the trip to the next weekend.... So much for getting out of Egypt during the revolution aniv :)

Plan was to arrive in Zurich early Thursday morning, take a day tour then take the train to Davos, snowboard for 3 days and then head back to Cairo....

And here we go!!!

Europe was in a cold snap at the time, record lows...

Was so cold that it took our but like 2 hours before it was semi warm inside!

We went up to the top of Felsenegg mountain that has a really nice view of Zurich... When its not -20*C and windy as hell!

Crossing Lake Zurich by ferry.

Now its time for some Snowboarding in Davos!!!

Wish I had more time to do para sailing!

Yours truly....

Lunch one of the days!

Svenja cooks really really well, one night we had pasta with a made from scratch tomato sauce! Here she is preparing her made from scratch family recipe of Chicken Curry!!!!

Cold!!!! -29*C/-20*F Cold!!!

Even the train ride back to Zurich was spectacular!!!

In case you missed it here is a video of some sidecountry snowboarding I did with some guys I met on the lift...

Check back in a few days for two other videos I am still editing!

Here it is... 

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