Saturday, March 24, 2012

2nd dream to come true in one weeks time! Visit to the Monastery in the middle of the desert! Check-in/OK message from AEGS-1 SPOT Messenger

The previous weekend I had one dream come true: Kite boarding in a spectacular lake in the middle of the desert. 7 days later I had another dream become a reality, I purchased an off road motorcycle and explored the desert on my own bike in Africa!

Here is the bike when I went to check it out for the 1st time.

Its a 2002 KTM 640E Adventure. Originally it was a 640 Enduro but the previous owner converted it to a 640 Adventure by putting on the front faring, 28Liter tank and the seat that fits the tank. Very well done conversion!

So this past weekend we took it out for a proper test ride with the idea that if everything went well I would buy it!

Plan was to ride in an area south of the Wadi Rayan lakes (Were I did the kiteboarding the weekend before).
Sobhi, the previous owner is a Coptic Christian and is friends with the Monks who live in this area of the desert. So the plan was to ride out to their Monastery and visit a cave church they have made up in the mountains.

There are 180 monks in total, 70 of them live in the monastery and 110 of them live in the desert! Where... I have no idea. I only saw a few caves!

All the monks were super friendly and very happy to see us, gave us tea and told me the story of their monastery. At the end they told me that I was welcome to visit them any time and I could even sleep over if I wanted to.... With the way things are in Egypt maybe ill take them up on it... To regain my sanity!!

Here is what the outside of the . These pictures are taken after a long 5+ minute climb up some block stairs... You will get a better idea in the video!

Here is the inside of the church.

This "chest" has has a scull (that still has hair on it), a foot and a bunch of other body parts and bones that all belong to religious figures. They even said they had something from John the Baptist!

Time to head back to camp.

Trailer ride to her new home!

Her new resting place.... A friends living room since I live on a 2nd and 3rd floor!

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