Monday, March 5, 2012

Next up... 5 day desert expedition of the Great Sand Sea!

This long weekend, 4 work colleagues and I are going to embark on a 5 day 5 night expedition of an area of the desert known as The Great Sand Sea. We are departing Tuesday evening and heading 300km south to the Baharia Oasis where we will spend the night. Then early Wed morning head off into the desert where we will camp out the rest of the nights before arriving back in Cairo Saturday night to be back in the office Sunday morning...

This will be the longest and deepest desert trip for most of us so that means the most food, water and gasoline we need to bring. Each Jeep will be bringing an additional 120L/30Gal of gasoline (ontop of a full 85L gas tank the Jeep already has, total of 205L/54 Gal per Jeep), 2 spare wheels/tires along with at least 12liters of bottled water and 20L/5Gal of filtered water.

Here is what the Jeep looks like with the major items packed.

This is a little toy I plan to test ride for the 1st time on the trip, a sand board!

Wish us luck and till next time!

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