Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dream come true... Kiteboarding in the desert!

In case you missed it... This special day started off with a motorcycle and Jeep trip though the desert and ended up at the south lake of the Wadi Rayan Protectorate; a national park of sorts.

Check out my previous post about the motorcycle and jeep part of the trip here: Moto trip!

I have been kiteboarding for about 6 years now. With the last three years living in the land locked state of Ohio or in the desert. But before that I lived in sunny Miami and there were weeks when the wind was good that I spent more time kiteboarding then on land (not sleeping).... Its awesome... No noise, no engine, just the power of the wind!

Since moving to Egypt it had always been a dream to be able to kite board in one of the desert lakes/oasis/springs... Here it is, dream come true!

Not bad for some one who has lived in the desert or a land locked state for the last three years....,

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