Saturday, June 23, 2012

King of the Lagoon Kiteboarding Competition 2012!

Last weekend was the annual King of the Lagoon kiteboarding competition at Soul Kite Boarding Center in Ras Sudr...

1st of all props to Morgan, Cat and everyone else for putting on such a cool event.... At least for me its not just about kite surfing but its about having another world to go to and relax with friends away from Cairo!

Killer event flyer by Amy E!

Besides going to our own little kiteboarding world, last weekend in particular was the perfect weekend for the event b\c there was a lot going on in Cairo/Egypt from the political stand point... The "rulers" of Egypt were going to decide if the parliament/constitution and such were going to be dissolved and if one of the presidential candidates was going to be disqualified. Lets just say there was plenty of potential for some bad things to happen... And if things are going to turn ugly wouldn't you rather be on the beach with friends kiteboarding instead of locked up in Cairo!!!

So of course me who always like to be prepared for the worst... Got together 3 jerry cans of extra fuel, passports, computers, hard drives and everything I absolutely needed in case we had to evacuate the country. Good thing about being in the Sinai peninsula in case we had to evacuate is that its easier to get out though the Sharm el-Sheikh airport then the Cairo airport, 2nd there is always the option of driving to Isreal or worst case we could theoretically kite board from Sinai to Jordan or Saudi Arabia!!!! :) OK OK... Maybe I am over reacting just a little...

So... Back to the event. There was 4 competitions during the weekend.

Big air: Who can jump and stay in the air the longest and land the jump. Stopwatch timed...
FreeStyle: Go out and do insane tricks! Person with the most points wins.
MasterGuru: Participants pick a trick they have been trying to do but have not accomplished before. They go out and have 15 minutes to try and pull it off. You do your trick, you are a Master Guru!
Down-winder: Start line is at a beach up wind and the finish line is 22km downwind at the Soul beach!

Right before the big air event I inflated my 12 square meter kite and found out it had a small leak... Luckily a good friend lent me one of his kites.... Wind was pretty good and some people were doing 5.2+ second jumps... I had some really nice long jumps but kept being to greedy and trying to stay up as long as possible meant I did not land any of the big ones.

For the FreeStyle people were throwing some crazy tricks... Most of the below fotos are of that event. I pussied out because the wind was a little too weak for my 9m kite and the tide was low... Did not want to risk a bad/hard landing in shallow water and break a leg... But this also meant I could go out into the water with my camera to take pictures!

On the second day for the MasterGuru my tick was the double back roll... Which I did not successfully land :(

Not me... But you get the point!

Then unfortunately the wind died down which meant we were not able to do the downwinder... Really a shame! The fun thing about downwinders is they are "stress free" in terms of you not having to worry about staying upwind since the point is to go down wind! Regardless, we had a good time getting to the starting line and even more fun riding the back of a big truck to get back since our bus had already left!

Anyways... Enough mumbo jumbo... Here are some of the pics!

Sjoukje Bredenkamp of South Africa Who hold a Womens World Speed record in kiteboarding!

Here is the link to the full album:

Till next time!

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