Monday, June 11, 2012

Still Alive!!!!

Hello everyone.... Sorry for not posting much in the last few weeks/month or so.... Been all over the place and busy.... Most of all I had a hard drive failure. I was able to recover all the data but the drive was unstable so I have not installed all my photo editing software again... Good news is the new HD arrived last night from the US!

From the planning side I have been working a lot towards the 2013 trip and a trip later in the year back to South Africa!

Coming soon are pics of two weeks I spent in South Africa, a couple of Jeep and Motorcycle trips plus a kiteboarding weekend!

For the time being check out this album of pictures I took mostly with my iPhone... I was under the impression they were being uploaded to FB but turns out the sharing settings were messed up....

Fotos Never Seen Before.... Almost... <Link

Here is a preview of the full album of 200+ fotos!

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