Monday, September 24, 2012

6hr of driving for a few hours of kite boarding in Asia!

6hr of driving for a few hours of kite boarding in Asia! Call me crazy but that's what I did this past weekend! Wind had been howling all week at Soul KiteSurfing in Ras Sudr, Sinai Egypt and I was not going to miss it!

Originally I had a date with the Desert Camel (my off road motorcycle) and some fresh suspension fluid, was going to give her a suspension oil change but when I was not able to buy any... Plans changed at 10pm and by 6am I was in the Jeep on my way to ASIA!

ASIA!! Yup... As you may or may not know the majority of Egypt is on the African continent, but the Sinai Peninsula is part of the Asian continent!

Then after 5hr of kiteboarding I drove back to Cairo to make it to a friends going away party!

Breakfast in Africa, kiteboarding in Asia and then party in Asia all in one day!

Asia and Africa are separated by an artificial sea highway called the Suez Canal that was opened in 1869 and allowed transportation by water from Europe to Asia with out having to sail around all of Africa. To cross the Suez canal there is a bridge at the north and a tunnel at the south which is what I use.

Well enough with the history and mumbojumbo... Here are the pics of the kiteboarding action.

I took these pics and the video I will some day post using a new mount I got for my GoPro camera. It mounts to the center to lines that go from the control bar to the kite. I then also used a new wifi remote control to.... Control the GoPro from my wrist...

The videos came out really cool... Some great clips of some jumps, tricks and nasty wipe outs! We will see when i get around to that.... I really dont like video editing!

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