Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pharaons Rally - Pre-race

This week the Pharaons Rally starts off at the Pyramids and will do roughly a 7 day race around the desert south of Cairo.

They start of Monday morning from the pyramids... Current plan is to leave Thursday after work in the Jeep and the KTM on the hitch and head down to the Baharia oasis to meet up with the teams and ride along with them in the desert...

Here are some pics from the 1st day of tech inspection.

Team ReMax Egypt, driver and friend Khaled Capo! Been riding with him a few times and has done some work on my bike!

Good luck Khaled!

Pic from earlier this week...

Really nice rally car, beautifully engineered!

Some one said this is the factory Husqvarna team... Best looking bikes!

Check out the swing arm on this Beta... See the hose and banjo bolt! Thought that was weird... Asked and it turns out that all cars and bikes must carry a few liters of emergency drinking water aside from the normal drinking water... So the team modified the swing arm to carry this emergency. Perfect position, off the rider, and at the lowest point of the bike for a low CG and takes up no space....

Click the link below to see more....

Got damping?

 No... Borat is not part of the

Polish team.

Some of the support trucks.... Not playing around!

Check out the license plate.... None other than the Principality of Monaco

Also registered in the Principality of Monaco

Team of Venezuelan riders... They usually have a Colombian rider as well but he sipped this race and will be racing the Dakar.


The best office!

Man do I miss racing!

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