Tuesday, January 29, 2013

London sneak peak!

Took advantage of an unexpected 4 day holiday in Egypt to fly over to London!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shark Teeth Fossil Moto ride...

Hello! 1st real post of 2013... and its going to be a quicky!

Was an interesting weekend... Original plan was to go on an unofficial company/work department desert trip but due to some complications it got cancelled, backup plan was to go climb Mt. Sinai/St. Catherine Mountain in the Sinai Peninsula... But then Thursday night Dave called me up to see if I was up for a overnight camping trip on the bikes with some others in 4x4s.... Sounds like a plan. I can basically go climb St. Catherine any weekend alone, but I cant go out into the desert on the motorcycle alone; to risky even with the satellite phone.

The Jeep sad because she was not going to get to play in the sand! [Note how clean the Jeep is.. For the work trip... Before that with all the rain it was more of a brown color! :) ]

All loaded up in Dave's truck!

Its been more than a month since I have gone on a proper motorcycle trip (due to all the travel, so its not that bad)... But I really have missed the desert and the bike! In this trip we went to a familiar area but took a different and very beautiful path.

Mid trip... Up on an escarpment after playing in those dunes for a while.

The next place we stopped at is what made this trip extra memorable! Steve took us to the side of a mountain where he has found lots of shark teeth fossils in the past. Yup, that's right, shark teeth in the desert. In one of my previous blog entries; mid post I talk about a visit to a whale cemetery. In short the whole desert use to be underwater and that's why there are shells, whale and other marine fossils!

I must admit, Steve found almost all of these fossils... It was Steve, Phill and me looking for shark teeth for like 45 min and the record ended up being 12, 0, 2. Steve has more practice then we had! I was in my moto gear with knee pads and elbow pads... After a while of not finding anything I was crawling almost kissing the ground... Steve was just walking slightly bent! 

After a long day of riding we made it to camp!

For dinner Sarah cooked a delicious chicken curry! (Mark was missing in action with back pain, may have been a good thing for the cooking part) 

Once the sun set the temperature dropped quickly... It was in the low 40's *F/4+ *C... I really did not want to make my tent so I just slept outside... Good thing I brought my winter sleeping bag that is rated for 0*F Never got cold... But I did sleep right next to the fire, more for amusement then for warmth.

After sun rise we had a really really good breakfast! Lets just say it was better than my everyday cereal and better then on the weekends when I make eggs!! Thanks Steve and Pam!

Sausage and bacon imported from the UK, beans, mushrooms, bread and fried eggs!

The rest of the crew headed out for a few more hours of playing in the desert and Dave and I headed back towards Cairo...

Great weekend!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello from 2013!

Hello from 2013!

2012 ended with a bang and 2013 started just how I would have liked!

For the Christmas holidays I was fortunate enough to go on a 11 day safari from Dar el Salaam in Tanzania, though Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe; ending at the magnificent Victoria Falls!

The 1st weekend of 2013 I took advantage of a 4 day weekend we had in Egypt for Coptic Christmas and I hopped over to Lebanon!

But with all that time off comes a lot of make up work at the office... Hope to post pics in the next week or so... 

Here is one picture from Zambia to make you hungry for more!

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